Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Marine Veteran planning hike for Veterans

PANAMA CITY BEACH — Some military veterans sleep on park benches because they are homeless. Others have trouble getting to a VA clinic because they have no transportation.
Those hardships hit home for Marine veteran and Lake Mary resident Shane Johnson, so much so that he is planning a three-week hike from Orlando to Panama City Beach to raise awareness about the issues veterans endure, particularly homelessness.
Johnson is the founder of BOOYAH Mortgage, which only offers home loans to veterans, but he’s not stopping his efforts there. He will begin his three-week hike Oct. 22 at the VA facility in Lake Nona and arrive at the Beach for Veterans Day events Nov. 11. At the same time, Johnson also is launching a statewide campaign called the BOOYAH Veteran Bus Project, which aims to provide buses to transport veterans to VA facilities. A charitable organization linked to the project, the BOOYAH Veteran Bus Project Foundation, already is accepting donations.
Original source by newsherald.com

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