Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Veteran Bus Project Launch Update

Shane Johnson Aloma, FL ·
Awesome time at this event! Thank you to Veronica Kemeny for putting this together!

A huge Thank you to Bill Price for the generous donation of $10,000 to the Booyah Veteran Bus Project. I really can't Thank you enough sir!

The Veteran Bus Project is a three phase endeavor to provide a sense of dignity to the countless homeless and transitioning Veterans in our nation.

Phase 1 is a 360+ mile hike from the Lake Nona, FL VA hospital to Panama City, FL raising awareness for Veteran homelessness and the fact that many of them have to walk just to get to the VA hospital. The hike begins on October 22nd and ends on Veteran’s Day; it will be segmented into 22 mile intervals representing the number of Veterans that commit suicide every day.

Phase 2 involves giving homeless Veterans a place to shower, get a haircut, and a meal to eat, through the use of refurbished transit buses and also providing them transportation to their respective VA Hospitals. Due to the fact that many of our Veterans are taking their lives because they don’t have anybody to talk to, we will be partnering with counselors, pastors, and organizations in their communities that they can speak with and stay connected with long after we are gone. These buses will be turned into mobile showers providing a safe place for Veterans to get clean. By focusing on this segment it gives us a way to help fight back against this epidemic that is plaguing our nation, homelessness.

Helping the Veteran is our concern.

Phase 3 provides a safe place for Veterans as they transition out of active duty service back into the civilian sector. This phase involves Transitional Housing. Too many Veterans are neglected in this stage of your lives and often end up homeless because of a lack of knowledge of resources and education outside of military life. The Veteran Bus Project will put the Veteran into a 13 week housing program, providing them with vocational training in the industry they desire to enter. They will be provided with a mentor and a job opportunity upon graduation.

The Veteran Bus Project will remain steadfast in its vision of having a bus in every major city becoming a beckon of hope for the many that will use its service. As reported in the 2015 CoC Homeless Populations and Subpopulations report, there are over 47000 homeless veterans in the United States. With over 4000 homeless Veterans according to the same report, Florida is an optimal location to launch this endeavor. The Veteran Bus Project will appeal to the Veterans need of honor, dignity, and camaraderie. These are our brothers and sisters and we are here to cover their six.

The Veteran Bus Project will be led by Founder and Marine, Shane Johnson. With his leadership at the helm we are aggressively planning to provide this service where ever the need arises.

Original source: americannewsbroadcasting.blogspot.com

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