Monday, October 31, 2016

Day 7 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - Hair Cut

Day 7 - Reveille was at 0400 and Mobile Command inserted Shane and "Q" back to Check Point Foxtrot at 0500.  Mobile Command returned to base camp where Ray and Shawn got some much needed rest. Navy met with the RV Mechanic and diagnosed the problem as a bad voltage regulator (This is basically the brain of the generator, it tells the engine when to increase RPM when there is a large amp draw or throttle back when there is less)  However, since it is now Saturday, no shops are open to get the necessary part. The RV mechanic will have to catch us on the road on Monday.  In the meantime, we continue as before.

Navy went back to work on videos and blogs while Shane and "Q" chewed up 15.1 miles through some "shady" backwoods territory.  More than once, the 2 Marines were happy that they had each others back.   The Marines made it into "town" and called for extraction from Rally Point Chinatop. Shawn and Navy got their hair cut and Navy asked for "Just alittle off the Top"... Click Here to see Shane & Charles recall the haircut.

The Team went back to base camp did some housekeeping and took the evening off as Shane eagerly awaited the arrival of Seabear and Missy.  Missy prepared a feast for the team and upon arrival, the Booyah Veteran Bus Project Team were quickly enjoying an OUTSTANDING home cooked meal. From all of us, Thank You Missy.

We all spent the evening enjoy having Seabear at Mobile Command. They girls left early and the Team hit the sack.  Tomorrow, is Sunday and the Team will take the day to honor God, Family and Country.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 6 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - HotSwap

Day 6 - Reveille was at 0400 and and this time, Shane ordered Shawn on light duty as his feet swole to where he could not fit into his boots. The good news was that Mccuen was back.

Mobile Command inserted Shane and "Q" to Check point Echo and pulled forward to Rally Point Churchstop. A Quick layover and the Marines were on their way.  Rally Point Churchstop was a dead zone and Mobile Command was without Coms but hung tight at the Rally Point to work offline.  The Marines crushed 11 miles to reach Check Point Foxtrot. The Marines were extracted by Mobile Command and the Team advanced forward to Base Camp at Silver Springs RV Park Campers Garden owned and operated by an Army Veteran.

The Team stayed in base camp for the night waiting on the RV mechanic who was supposed to show between 1600-1700. We got a call at 1730 saying he would be another hour... Needless to say, the Marines and Navy were not happy. The Team then went to Walmart, where Ross "Hitman" Sykes got a $50 donation .

Due to the Mech not showing up, the Team ate Burger King and returned to base camp for the night. This caused a 3 hour time loss.

So far, Mobile Command has been 5 days without a generator.  Using cell phones for GPS, internet and Coms puts the battery life at about 2 hours, meaning that the Mobile Command Team needs to plugin Mobile Command to keep Coms and Nav Operational.  This has put extra pressure on the Team for several reasons.

1.  Mobile Command has to set up at base camp to power up, then break down to resupply the marines at Rally point, instead of dropping them off at a Check point, pushing forward to a Rally Point and having the Marines push up to Mobile Command to rest and resupply.  Then take off from the Rally Point to push forward to the next check point which, mobile command would have already set up as base camp. This means that Mobile Command has not provided maximum support, and from the Pics above, you can see some of the results.

2. As the Mobile Command Team has to stop working 30 Mikes early to pack up and reach the Rally Point to resupply the Marines, Then the Team has to come back to Base Camp, Reset Up and resume working.  This results in Mobile Command not reaching max production which has resulted in delays in Posting blogs, Creating videos and Updating Status.  It has also caused the Mobile Command Team to get less sleep since the work has to still be done.

The Team is still on schedule and advancing forward at a commendable pace despite any and all challenges.
Improvise, Adapt and Overcome...

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Day 5 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - Just Another Day in The Life With The Team

Day 5 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project
Reveille was 0500 and Shane & Shawn hit the road wired, fired and inspired.  Mobile Command stayed back and allowed the Marines to push forward.  This downtime allowed for "Q"to do a live Facebook broadcast which can be see here, and in 24 hrs had 1,000 views.  Thank You All for Your Support. The team also took advantage of the facilities, did some house keeping and caught up on paperwork.

The 2 Marines on the road made great time and called for extraction at 1200 and headed to Publix for chow.  While there, Navy spoke to the assistant Manager, Danielle Webster, who made a personal donation by purchasing 2 cases of water for the Team.  Thank You Dear.

Navy also spoke to the Manager about getting some support for the team, however as it is corporate, he need to get approval.  We are standing bye for a decision. He did mentioned that a Army Veteran ran a smoke house called The "Dam" Smoker and we should eat there. The Team did some shopping, got chow and were back on the road at 1500 for the 2nd leg.

Ross Sykes contacted Mobile Command to arrange chow for the Team. Navy mentioned The Army Vet who had a smoke house and Ross made contact to treat the Team to Dinner, but The "Dam" Smoker cowboy-ed up and dished out chow for the team.  Booyah !!!

Turns out that they also do a program called VORRH, which provides a meal to homeless Veterans once a month... OUTSTANDING !!!

Ross "Hitman" Sykes has been blowing up social media and did a live broadcast on FB (Click Here to Watch), The "Hitman" Sykes is definitely on the bus and has been providing support from Alabama by sharing our posts and following our progress and providing logistical support at every tune... Thank you Brother for your support.

Christina Pepper also did a moving Live Broadcast on FB (Click Here to Watch) It was so inspirational and amazing, no words can describe.  You have to click the link and watch it.

This all happened while the 2 Road Warriors were chewing up asphalt and spitting out gravel.  With the knowledge of BBQ for dinner, the Marines made record time and called for extraction 90 minutes early.  (It could have also been the black bear they came across) Mobile Command arrived on time and the Team Headed to The "Dam" Smoker for Chow.

The Road Warriors hit the sack around 2100, and Navy and Ray caught up on paperwork and crashed around 2300. A video of the day can be seen below.... So, What are you waiting for??? #GetOnTheBusWithUs and watch the video, share the blog, visit the website and like and share our facebook page.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day 4 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - A Day In Our Shoes

Day 4 – Booyah Veteran Bus Project
Reveille was at 0400 and bagels and coffee were served to the Marines before they headed out on the 1st leg.  

They Humped 14 miles before Mobile Command caught up with them at the Circle K.  While resting the crew from Circle K Store #7275 Donated a case of water to keep the Marines hydrated. 

While there we also met up with LT John Peters with Orange County Fire Station Truck 51 and Air Force Veteran. 

  The break was short but Lunch was provided by Chick-Fil-A and Everyone had 2 chicken sandwiches for lunch. 

The Marines were back on the road.  Mobile Command pushed ahead and set up the FOB at Sun RV Park where we met another Marine.
Q was certain that the Mustang outside was owned by the Marine and bet Charles 22 pushups that it was.  Click Here to see who won…. 
Q, Charles and Ray set up Base Camp and got busy getting the word out.   Charles & Ray worked on videos and Q was busy on Social Media. 
Q has been on “light duty” for 3 days now, as ordered by the Viking.  His feet are healing nicely and expect to rejoin the walk after 1 more day.

The Booyah Veteran Bus Project Team are in good spirits and have met many Veterans in just a few days.  Now that the Team is completely assembled, they are pushing north towards Panama City Beach fast and hard.

Day 3 - The Booyah Veteran Bus Project 360+ Mile Hike

Day 3 - Update
Richard Mccuen (AKA - Q) was put on Overwatch by the Viking as his feet were ruined on days 1 & 722.  Day 1 the Road Warriors chewed up 46 miles of asphalt, Day 2 they did 26, so after 72 miles, Q's feet were done.  Watch the Video Below and check out those Dogs...

The 2nd leg of the Day 3 hike took The Booyah Veteran Bus Team to the Debary Golf & Country Club where they were recognized since the project is the local recipient of the Club Corp Charity Classic fund raiser.  They club was amazing and the folks there treated the team like family.  Thank you to everyone there from the Team. It was an amazing experience.  The entire team took a moment to say a few words, click the video below and watch and share.

If you haven't already done, visit the website at  

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Oct 23, 2016 - Day 1 Recap

Oct 23, 2016 - Starting Off Day 2 by Recapping Day 1

Before the 3 marines resumed their journey today, Shane Johnson took a moment to recap yesterdays journey.  Give the video a watch, Like and Share our Facebook page and subscribe to our Youtube Channel as we will be doing daily videos of our journey from the VA Hospital to Panama City.

Day 1 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - Oct 22, 2016

Oct 22nd -  Day 1 ...
Shane, Shawn and Richard began their journey leaving the VA Hospital around 1030.  The 3 marines walk until nearly 1 am when they finally called it a day.  The support from everyone so far as been amazing.  Some of the Amazing people Shane and the boys met today were:
Anderson Zamora
Michele DeGennaro
Trent Stokes
We would like to take the time to Thank you and showing your support.  We need you but more importantly, our Veterans need you.

The Marines put on over 40 miles yesterday leaving from the VA Hospital which is 22 miles South and finally bedding down for the night near Lake Mary, nearly 20 North of Orlando.
They didn’t get much rest and the blisters are already popping, but they are in good spirits…

So what are you waiting for… #GetOnTheBusWithUs

Monday, October 10, 2016

Mandatory Fun ... 2016 ClubCorp Charity Classic Tournament

Time for Some Mandatory Fun !!!

When & Where: December 3rd 0830 at DeBary Golf and Country Club

Debary Golf & Country Club is partnering up with our local charity BOOYAH Veteran Bus Project in our 2016 Charity Classic Golf Tourney

This is an amazing charity that helps our friends and family who have served our country become more than just a Vet in our society once done serving in the military. This is something that goes completely unnoticed in our world today and with the proper training, determination & guidance from BOOYAH these heroes can become more than they ever imagined possible!

Let's stand behind our Vets and help support BOOYAH while they put their sweat and tears into our selfless, brilliant, diligent hardworking Veterans!

Get Some... Here's How...

 Format is 4 person scramble -8:30am shotgun
-1:00pm silent auction & award luncheon
$60 - Golf & Award Luncheon
$50 - Members
$15 - Award Luncheon
Sponsorship opportunities available on website soon. 
To register: Please click above "tickets available" or copy and paste this link into your browser.

Please visit  for more info on this amazing cause!



Sunday, October 2, 2016

Join Booyah Mortgage & Orlando Rocks Benefit Inc for "SGT Kirstie Ennis Day"

Attention on Deck !!!

On November 13th, 2016, Booyah Mortgage is sponsoring the Orlando Harley Davidson Bike & Car Show hosted by Orlando Harley Davidson.  This event is a fundraiser for Sgt. Kirstie Ennis, who if you do not know who she is, WATCH THIS VIDEO...

So, Marine Veteran Sgt Kirstie Ennis is heading to South Korea in represent the United States of American at the 2018 Paralympic Trials. This fundraiser will help her get there and show the world what a Marine is made of.

In addition, on February 25, 2017, Sgt Kirstie Ennis will be "cutting the ribbon" for the New Booyah Veteran Bus at the Kissimmee Civic Center !!!

So, Muster up, and share the news... The Booyah Veterans Bus Project has gained another soldier to help us raise awareness for our homeless vets.  The Booyah Veteran Bus Project is gaining ground, but we still need your help.  Share our project, that's an order !!!

Visit and Share our Youtube Channel: