Monday, October 31, 2016

Day 7 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - Hair Cut

Day 7 - Reveille was at 0400 and Mobile Command inserted Shane and "Q" back to Check Point Foxtrot at 0500.  Mobile Command returned to base camp where Ray and Shawn got some much needed rest. Navy met with the RV Mechanic and diagnosed the problem as a bad voltage regulator (This is basically the brain of the generator, it tells the engine when to increase RPM when there is a large amp draw or throttle back when there is less)  However, since it is now Saturday, no shops are open to get the necessary part. The RV mechanic will have to catch us on the road on Monday.  In the meantime, we continue as before.

Navy went back to work on videos and blogs while Shane and "Q" chewed up 15.1 miles through some "shady" backwoods territory.  More than once, the 2 Marines were happy that they had each others back.   The Marines made it into "town" and called for extraction from Rally Point Chinatop. Shawn and Navy got their hair cut and Navy asked for "Just alittle off the Top"... Click Here to see Shane & Charles recall the haircut.

The Team went back to base camp did some housekeeping and took the evening off as Shane eagerly awaited the arrival of Seabear and Missy.  Missy prepared a feast for the team and upon arrival, the Booyah Veteran Bus Project Team were quickly enjoying an OUTSTANDING home cooked meal. From all of us, Thank You Missy.

We all spent the evening enjoy having Seabear at Mobile Command. They girls left early and the Team hit the sack.  Tomorrow, is Sunday and the Team will take the day to honor God, Family and Country.


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