Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day 8 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - A Day Of Rest

Day 8 - Sunday - Reveille was at 0930 and everyone got some much needed rest.  The day was relatively uneventful,housekeeping, laundry, and catching up on paperwork. The Marines regrouped and prepped for the next evolution. The Team took time to pray for the things we are grateful for.  God, Family and Country.  The Road Warriors got some necessary medical attention, iced their ankles and got some necessary downtime.

The Team also re-evaluated the route and coordinated Check Points, Rally Points and potential Base Camps. The Team took some time to reflect on the journey and how many people have joined the fight.  We are all so grateful for your assistance and support.  It means the world to us to know that the Booyah Veteran Bus Project is really gaining momentum.

But the fight is not over, as a matter of fact, it has just begun.  This hike is not about us, but to raise awareness for the next phase of the battle - Phase II the actual Booyah Veteran Buses... with the end goal being the transition base to eliminate the problem and boost our Brothers in Arms when they exit the Military and re-enter Civilian Life.

It important to remember the end goal. To help out our Vets in need now and train our Military brothers when they exit service.  Everyone one of our brothers in arms is heavily trained.  Our government spends huge amounts of money to take recruits and turn them into valuable members of a highly functioning team.  A Team unlike any other on the planet.  A team that can feed 100,000 men in a single place at the same time, keep 20 year old planes in the air, conduct covert operations where the enemy never new we were there or launch a F-14 off a nuclear powered aircraft carrier.  These highly trained individuals, our men and women of the Armed Forces, can do more than be minimum wage earners, they have already proved that.

This project is a step up not a hand out Our Veterans deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The Government has left our Veterans behind to deal with a Veterans Administration system that is broken. So, spread the word about the Booyah Veteran Bus Project, share our posts, read the blogs, watch the videos and most importantly do not quit.  The men and women in our Military NEVER quit, Never surrender and Never Ever leave a Man Behind.

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