Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Day 16 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - Messin With Navy

Day 16 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project

Reveille was at 0500 and the team was inserted back to check point circle K2.  The Team Marched out and Mobile Command pushed forward to the next base camp.  Panhandle Pioneer Settlement.  This place was not a camp ground, but they made room and allowed us to stay the night.  We were welcomed with open arms and had 2 local news reporters showed up to get our story.  As Night fell, Navy went to shower up and the boys decided to have alittle fun.  Panhandle Pioneer Settlement has a ton of history, complete with cabins from the 1800's and a graveyard.

So the Boys decided to have aliitle fun. Later that night, The Marines laid in wait until Navy made his way from the bathhouse, in the dark, without a night light some 200 yds from Mobile Command...

Needless to say, a good laugh was had by all.  Big Thanks to Panhandle Pioneer Settlement for giving the Team a place to post up for the night.  If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop in and see what a poineer settlement once looked like.

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