Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day 14 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - Hitman & Family Day

Day 14 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project
The Day started off with Navy meeting The Viking and "Q" at 0530 outside the RV.  The day was supposed to be a day of rest, but when you get into a routine, sleeping in isn't an option. Ross rolled out at 0600 to join the men and headed out to McDonalds for coffee and to welcome the Hitman to the Team.

After coffee the team went back to base camp and found the rest of the Team suited n booted.  Ross and Kristi cooked up bacon provided by BILL-E's and eggs.  The rest of the afternoon was spent with family and friends telling stories and watching the kids play.  It was a wonderful afternoon and allowed time to get to know Ross,Kristi,Missy, Charlie, Kenzie and Kendall.

Finally, it was time to put the Hitman to the test and step off to get 11 miles in.  (Click here to watch the video)  Since Ross was here, we took his vehicle, loaded up Missy, the kids and the Team and drove to the last checkpoint.  Shane, Shawn, "Q" and Ross stepped off with the goal of humping 11 miles.  Navy took Missy and the girls and went back to base camp.  Navy went shopping at Walmart and Ray made a necessary stop. When we got the first message from the Team in the field that they already chewed up 4 miles and Air Force was hanging tight.

The Team was 31 miles from Base Camp by the time Navy and Ray caught up with the Team, they were 33 miles out and made their 11 mile goal. Hitman hung in there and represented the Air Force like a trooper.  The Team was in good spirits and headed back to base camp looking forward to the feast that Ross and Kristi were preparing.  We arrived back at base camp and found Missy and the Kids preparing smores by the campfire.  It wasn't long before everyone was enjoying Venison with pottoe salad, and peach cobbler. Everyone sat back and told stories of what a life altering journey and how it has changed something in all of us.

Taking time to decompress with friends and family is always important, think about the Veteran who doesn't have that support. These Veterans may seem they have no hope, no way to deal with the inner deamons that haunt them, the loneliness that never seems to end.  You can give a Vet a small break from just showing there are people out there that care about what they have sacrificed and thank them for thier service.  Even that brief interaction may help to save the life of a veteran.

On behalf of the Booyah Team we want to thank each and everyone who has reached out and supported all of us on this journey to end and epidemic that has been left dormant for entirely to long. In order to be successful we must take massive action and band together to cut the head of the snake that is poisoning our Veterans!

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