Friday, November 4, 2016

Day 10 -Booyah Veteran Bus Project - Taco Tuesday, BubbaQues and Twilight

Day 10 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project
Reveille was again at 0300 and the Marines were inserted at Check Point Checkers and busted out 11 before breakfast.  The night before we met Peter Bouley USMC Vietnam Veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with Combat V.  He had an amazing story and has a company that we believe will be an asset to Phase 3 of the Booyah Veteran Bus Project.  We will be keeping in touch with Mr. Bouley and want to take this opportunity to say Thank you sir for your service.

(Mr. Bouley is the President of Construction Management & Training Inc. Office Number is (401) 710-7373  He helps Veterans Help Themselves by providing training and job placement in high paying construction jobs.  Visit his website and see what he can do for our Brothers In Arms.)

The Team had lunch at the clubhouse, Taco Tuesday and Everyone was extremely Kind and VERY generous with donations to the Project.  The  RV Park and folks there provided a much needed environment to rest and get some good chow.  The internet was extremely slow but Mobile Command was able to catch up offline with making videos and writing the blog.

Shane and Shawn busted out 11 miles after lunch. The entire experience was OUTSTANDING.  The Hitman came through AGAIN and lined up an interview with the local newspaper (Click Here To Read The Article) and dinner at BubbaQues and the meal was great!!! So far, this stop was by far the nicest RV Park and provided the best food on the trip.

Everyone at Williston Crossings RV Camp Ground was so kind and generous.  We receive multiple donations and met numerous Veterans.  Everyone there was a class act and treated us like family.  We hope to keep in touch with everyone we met and wish them all best.  Thank you again for your hospitality.  Booyah !!!

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