Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 15 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - Enjoying The Day With Family, Hitman & Kristi

Day 15 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project
With Missy and the kids spending the night and Ross & Kristi in, the Team took some time to appreciate friends and family and everyone who has supported the Booyah Veteran Bus Project.  Ross & Kristi cooked up a huge breakfast and the Team took time to  Get To Ross & Kristi (Click Here to Watch The FB Live Broadcast)  The folks at the KOA were super kind and allowed us to stay just alittle bit longer while we did laundry and packed up.

We rolled out at 0200 and inserted the Marines and Ross back to the last checkpoint.  Mobile Command and Mobile Command Two,  pushed ahead 6 miles and set up a rally point.  2 hours later, the Team showed up, resupplied, hydrated and hit the road.  We posted up at the Circle K and started chow as we knew it was going to be a long night.  The Team ate well and sent The Hitman and wife on there way and the Marines powered forward.  Mobile Command pushed forward to make the reservation that the Hitman made and set up base camp.  Mobile Command got the call for extraction early in the morning.

After Check-in, Mobile Command went back to Rally point Circle K2 and extracted the Marines. The Team went back to base camp, had a few craft beers and some chow and called it a night.  Shawn and Navy had a few additional brews as The Veteran manning the bar mentioned that they sold a 6 pack of the craft beer.

The park was situtated on the Lake and provided a peaceful view of the water.

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