Saturday, October 29, 2016

Day 5 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - Just Another Day in The Life With The Team

Day 5 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project
Reveille was 0500 and Shane & Shawn hit the road wired, fired and inspired.  Mobile Command stayed back and allowed the Marines to push forward.  This downtime allowed for "Q"to do a live Facebook broadcast which can be see here, and in 24 hrs had 1,000 views.  Thank You All for Your Support. The team also took advantage of the facilities, did some house keeping and caught up on paperwork.

The 2 Marines on the road made great time and called for extraction at 1200 and headed to Publix for chow.  While there, Navy spoke to the assistant Manager, Danielle Webster, who made a personal donation by purchasing 2 cases of water for the Team.  Thank You Dear.

Navy also spoke to the Manager about getting some support for the team, however as it is corporate, he need to get approval.  We are standing bye for a decision. He did mentioned that a Army Veteran ran a smoke house called The "Dam" Smoker and we should eat there. The Team did some shopping, got chow and were back on the road at 1500 for the 2nd leg.

Ross Sykes contacted Mobile Command to arrange chow for the Team. Navy mentioned The Army Vet who had a smoke house and Ross made contact to treat the Team to Dinner, but The "Dam" Smoker cowboy-ed up and dished out chow for the team.  Booyah !!!

Turns out that they also do a program called VORRH, which provides a meal to homeless Veterans once a month... OUTSTANDING !!!

Ross "Hitman" Sykes has been blowing up social media and did a live broadcast on FB (Click Here to Watch), The "Hitman" Sykes is definitely on the bus and has been providing support from Alabama by sharing our posts and following our progress and providing logistical support at every tune... Thank you Brother for your support.

Christina Pepper also did a moving Live Broadcast on FB (Click Here to Watch) It was so inspirational and amazing, no words can describe.  You have to click the link and watch it.

This all happened while the 2 Road Warriors were chewing up asphalt and spitting out gravel.  With the knowledge of BBQ for dinner, the Marines made record time and called for extraction 90 minutes early.  (It could have also been the black bear they came across) Mobile Command arrived on time and the Team Headed to The "Dam" Smoker for Chow.

The Road Warriors hit the sack around 2100, and Navy and Ray caught up on paperwork and crashed around 2300. A video of the day can be seen below.... So, What are you waiting for??? #GetOnTheBusWithUs and watch the video, share the blog, visit the website and like and share our facebook page.

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