Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day 3 - The Booyah Veteran Bus Project 360+ Mile Hike

Day 3 - Update
Richard Mccuen (AKA - Q) was put on Overwatch by the Viking as his feet were ruined on days 1 & 722.  Day 1 the Road Warriors chewed up 46 miles of asphalt, Day 2 they did 26, so after 72 miles, Q's feet were done.  Watch the Video Below and check out those Dogs...

The 2nd leg of the Day 3 hike took The Booyah Veteran Bus Team to the Debary Golf & Country Club where they were recognized since the project is the local recipient of the Club Corp Charity Classic fund raiser.  They club was amazing and the folks there treated the team like family.  Thank you to everyone there from the Team. It was an amazing experience.  The entire team took a moment to say a few words, click the video below and watch and share.

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