Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 6 - Booyah Veteran Bus Project - HotSwap

Day 6 - Reveille was at 0400 and and this time, Shane ordered Shawn on light duty as his feet swole to where he could not fit into his boots. The good news was that Mccuen was back.

Mobile Command inserted Shane and "Q" to Check point Echo and pulled forward to Rally Point Churchstop. A Quick layover and the Marines were on their way.  Rally Point Churchstop was a dead zone and Mobile Command was without Coms but hung tight at the Rally Point to work offline.  The Marines crushed 11 miles to reach Check Point Foxtrot. The Marines were extracted by Mobile Command and the Team advanced forward to Base Camp at Silver Springs RV Park Campers Garden owned and operated by an Army Veteran.

The Team stayed in base camp for the night waiting on the RV mechanic who was supposed to show between 1600-1700. We got a call at 1730 saying he would be another hour... Needless to say, the Marines and Navy were not happy. The Team then went to Walmart, where Ross "Hitman" Sykes got a $50 donation .

Due to the Mech not showing up, the Team ate Burger King and returned to base camp for the night. This caused a 3 hour time loss.

So far, Mobile Command has been 5 days without a generator.  Using cell phones for GPS, internet and Coms puts the battery life at about 2 hours, meaning that the Mobile Command Team needs to plugin Mobile Command to keep Coms and Nav Operational.  This has put extra pressure on the Team for several reasons.

1.  Mobile Command has to set up at base camp to power up, then break down to resupply the marines at Rally point, instead of dropping them off at a Check point, pushing forward to a Rally Point and having the Marines push up to Mobile Command to rest and resupply.  Then take off from the Rally Point to push forward to the next check point which, mobile command would have already set up as base camp. This means that Mobile Command has not provided maximum support, and from the Pics above, you can see some of the results.

2. As the Mobile Command Team has to stop working 30 Mikes early to pack up and reach the Rally Point to resupply the Marines, Then the Team has to come back to Base Camp, Reset Up and resume working.  This results in Mobile Command not reaching max production which has resulted in delays in Posting blogs, Creating videos and Updating Status.  It has also caused the Mobile Command Team to get less sleep since the work has to still be done.

The Team is still on schedule and advancing forward at a commendable pace despite any and all challenges.
Improvise, Adapt and Overcome...

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